Filled Sweet Baby Peppers with Loaded Rice and GiNiT Tarragon

Serves 2

Part 1: Peppers: Cooking time: 30 – 35 minutes

Preheat the oven to 180˚C

3 sweet baby peppers – washed, halved and deseeded – place in an oven dish

1 small onion – finely diced

1 baby marrow – thinly sliced in rounds

1 small tomato – diced

80g cooked chickpeas

1 tsp GiNiT Tarragon

1 Tbsp coconut oil

Sauté the onion in the oil until caramelised. Add in the baby marrow and chickpeas, sauté lightly over a medium heat. Add tomato and GiNiT Tarragon mix well, ensuring everything is heated through. Turn off heat. Fill the peppers with the mixture and bake until tender (15 to 20 minutes). Sprinkle a little GiNiT Tarragon over the peppers before plating.

Part 2: Loaded Rice: Cooking Time 20 – 25 minutes

125ml rice

30ml white quinoa

30ml red quinoa

30ml red lentils

10ml veggie stock powder

750ml water

Boil the rice with the veggie stock in a medium pot for 10 minutes, then add the quinoa and lentils. Stir well. Boil for 5 minutes. Then turn the heat down and simmer until the rice and quinoa are cooked. Turn off the heat. Strain through a sieve, just before serving.

Part 3: Rice Topping: Cooking time: Up to 20 minutes

1 medium onion – thinly sliced

1 clove garlic – chopped

125g mushrooms – finely sliced

50g fresh or frozen, finely chopped spinach

2 Tbsp coconut oil

2 tsp GiNiT Original

Over medium high heat, sauté the onion in the coconut oil until colour starts going golden (5 minutes). Turn heat down to medium, then add garlic and mushrooms, cook until all is golden (5 – 10 minutes). Add the spinach and GiNiT Original. Cook through (5 minutes).

Serving Suggestion:

Plate the peppers, rice, onion topping and add a microgreen salad with baby tomatoes. Sprinkle with chopped pistachios.