GiNiT Spice Collection


GiNiT Spice Collection



This GiNiT Spice Collection comprises of all 6 of the GiNiT Spice variants:

GiNiT Original –  The upfront notes are initially savoury with sweet zesty citrus notes, followed by deep juniper and coriander, hints of liquorice and an amazing warm linger to finish. GiNiT Original lends itself to so many possibilities for use.
GiNiT Chilli – The initial notes are savoury then sweet zesty citrus notes, accentuated by spicy chilli and underpinned by the deep juniper and coriander notes.
GiNiT Thyme –  Thyme is synonymous in use with Poultry and stuffing’s, but have you tried this in soups and chowders?
GiNiT Dill – Dill is such an incredibly versatile herb and is commonly used with Fish, in salads or in potato dishes.
GiNiT Sage – Sage has so many nutritional benefits and is full of vitamins and minerals and is also loaded with antioxidants.
GiNiT Tarragon –  Tarragon is a leafy green herb with a distinctive herbal, liquorice or anise flavour.


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