GiNiT Original


GiNiT Original Spice 70g – Traditional Gin & Tonic flavour profile for your food.



GiNiT Original Spice 70g

As the first of our 6 variants, GiNiT Original has the initial savoury upfront notes, closely followed by a sweet zesty citrus profile, along comes deep juniper and coriander, hints of liquorice and an amazing warm linger to finish. GiNiT Original creates so many possibilities for use.

GiNiT Original is such an incredibly versatile spice, that can be used in anything from salsa’s and dips, to vegetable bakes and as a meat rub for that delectable steak or chop.  Or shake up your taste buds and add a sprinkle of GiNiT Original to melted dark chocolate as a vanilla ice-cream topping, for a flavour reminiscent of salted caramel.

Have a look at our Recipes section for ideas, or just have fun experimenting.


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Weight 70 g


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