GiNiT Dill


GiNiT Dill



GiNiT Dill is number four in our amazingly flavourful Spice Range. Dill is such an incredibly versatile herb and is commonly used with Fish, in salads or in potato dishes. Dill is part of the parsley and celery family and is characterised by a “green” grassy flavour, that is sweet, has slightly liquorice, anise-like, note and adds an incredible delicate freshness to any dish. GiNiT Dill starts off its flavour explosion on your taste buds with savoury then sweet zesty citrus notes, underpinned by the deep juniper and coriander notes. The Dill’s subtle fresh note lingers throughout, with the ubiquitous warming finish of our Spice Range.

GiNiT Dill will pair perfectly with your next seafood extravaganza or incorporated into your next potato dish. The bold flavours of GiNiT Dill will leave your friends and family in awe of your culinary abilities and you may have to fight them off for the last remaining portion of your gastronomical creation.

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