Where it all began…

In 2014, Kenneth Gormley, began working at a Gin Distillery in the Eden District of the Western Cape. It was here that he became aware of the wastage created in producing Gin. As he found out, this was not an isolated incident, this is the norm for Gin Distilleries worldwide.

While Kenneth was working at the distillery, the post-distillation Gin botanicals became an ongoing conundrum for him. Surely, there had to be a use for these botanicals? They had the most amazing fragrance, and he was sure there must be some flavour and nutrient value left.

The concept of GiNiT Spices was born out of a desire to utilize the amazing botanicals and spices. Whatever was done, had to be of benefit to the planet, and also make the fantastic Gin flavour profile available to a larger, non-drinking, audience.

Upon leaving the distillery in January 2020, Kenneth and his wife, Janet, began the process of Upcycling these wasted Gin Botanical products into a spice blend. It took months of trial and error, until a balanced flavour profile was achieved. This labour of love: GiNiT Spices, was launched into the South African market on the 1st of October, 2020.

We share the Earth, lets do it with respect…

We each need to tread as lightly as possible on this amazingly beautiful planet that has been entrusted to each and every one of us. Based on this premise, the GiNiT Spices brand was founded on environmental awareness.

Upcycling is one way we can work together to prevent wasted food. Once you begin paying attention to what is regarded as waste, it is possible to see new uses and ways to keep food in the food chain, that is often discarded.

This is a fascinating journey that becomes a way of life. We, at GiNiT Spices, are learning of, and connecting with, people from all over the world who have started Upcycling various food items into remarkably versatile products. The creativity and innovation of these forward-thinking individuals is astounding.

Who we are…

GiNiT Spices is a division of Patchwork Group (Pty) Ltd, owned by Kenneth & Janet Gormley. This dynamic duo work together to create GiNiT Spices and other gluten free products, under Patchwork Group (Pty) Ltd. And there is always a new idea on the back burner…

If you have any queries or wish to collaborate with us, please drop us a message: info@patchwork.co.za

Beautiful Spices Upcycled in a beautiful part of the world.