Spices you can feel good about!

Returning wasted Post- Distillation Gin Botanicals to the food chain.

Our new range of GiNiT Spices is designed to be easy to use. We have used the spices on everything from popcorn to chicken schnitzel, eggs, roast veggies to chops on a braai – where will your tastebuds take you?

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Welcome to the World of GiNiT Spices

We welcome you to browse through the ever expanding pages of our website: the online home of GiNiT Spices.

Here we share our reasons on our About page behind this unique, world first product – GiNiT Spices, where we unlock the amazing flavour profile of the wasted Post-Distillation Gin Botanicals by Upcycling them into a flavourful culinary spice blend that works with every food item we have tried it on so far.

Upcycling of wasted food is gathering momentum worldwide, and we are so excited to be pioneering part of the change in South Africa.

Preparing to Upcycle Post-Distillation Gin Botanicalsat GiNiT Spices

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