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We welcome you to join us on this gastronomical epicurean adventure, where you will explore this range of six handcrafted and unique culinary accompaniments, that are sure to blow you away.

The uniqueness of these spices is based on the Gin profile and now you can enjoy this profile on your culinary masterpiece too.

Don’t know what spice to use in your culinary masterpiece, Just GiNiT!

So what is GiNiT?

The variants in the GiNiT Spice Range utilize the post distillation botanicals and spices that are used in the production of some of the most iconic Artisanal Gins in South Africa. These post distillation botanicals and spices are filled with so much flavour, and if harnessed correctly, produce the most sublime flavours that can enhance any culinary dish. Each of the GiNiT variants contains an element of citrus, which we dehydrate ourselves, removing all zest and pith and just utilizing the flesh of the citrus, which provides an amazing citrus note that is carried through, as part of the flavour profile.

We utilize no MSG, flavour enhancers, gluten, colourants, fillers or anything of the like in the production of the GiNiT Spice Range. These spices are made from all natural ingredients. The GiNiT Spice Range is suitable for all Omnivores, Herbivores or Carnivores.

The GiNiT Spice Range is so absolutely versatile and is not meant as a spice only, but has been designed that is can be used as a rub, a seasoning, a finishing spice, popcorn or snack spice, in a dip or fresh salsa, as the spice used in a Salad dressing.

The sky is literally the limit with this amazing Spice Range, limited only by your imagination.

The concept was born out of a desire to utilize these amazing botanicals and spices, that are regarded as waste, and usually end up in compost heaps or landfills.

The concept, research, development and refinement of this Spice Range has been in the making for years and finally we are ready to extend this experience to you.

The GiNiT Brand is founded on environmental awareness and to tread as lightly as possible on this amazingly beautiful planet that has been entrusted to each and every one of us.

The Founders and Creators of this sublime Spice Range are located in the amazing coastal town of Still Bay in the Western Cape, where GiNiT is lovingly produced and brought to life.

The GiNiT Range

GiNiT Original

This is the first of our 6 variants. The upfront notes are initially savoury with sweet zesty citrus notes, followed by deep juniper and coriander, hints of liquorice and an amazing warm linger to finish. GiNiT Original lends itself to so many possibilities for use.

GiNiT Original is such an incredibly versatile spice, that can be used in anything from salsa’s and dips to vegetable bakes and as a meat rub for that delectable steak or chop.

GiNiT Chilli

For those that like it SPICY, this one is for you! GiNiT Chilli is the second in our Spice Range. The initial notes are savoury then sweet zesty citrus notes, accentuated by spicy chilli and underpinned by the deep juniper and coriander notes. The spiciness lingers throughout, whilst the warming finish serenades your tingling and tantalized taste buds.

GiNiT Chilli is a robust seasoning that reaffirms the versatility of this Spice Range and can be used in any dish that needs to go from zero to Hero.

GiNiT Thyme

GiNiT Thyme is the third in our sublime Spice Range. Thyme is synonymous in use with Poultry and stuffing’s, but have you tried this in soups and chowders? This herb will also transform any tomato based dish of your choice and take it from ordinary to extra-ordinary. The initial notes are savoury then sweet zesty citrus notes, underpinned by the deep juniper and coriander notes.

GiNiT Thyme is begging to be experimented with to create a true culinary masterpiece that will impress your friends and family and make them wonder which chef you have been training with.

GiNiT Dill

GiNiT Dill is number four in our amazingly flavourful Spice Range. Dill is such an incredibly versatile herb and is commonly used with Fish, in salads or in potato dishes. Dill is part of the parsley and celery family and is characterised by a “green” grassy flavour, that is sweet, has slightly liquorice, anise-like, note and adds an incredible delicate freshness to any dish. GiNiT Dill starts off its flavour explosion on your taste buds with savoury then sweet zesty citrus notes, underpinned by the deep juniper and coriander notes. The Dill’s subtle fresh note lingers throughout, with the ubiquitous warming finish of our Spice Range.

GiNiT Dill will pair perfectly with your next seafood extravaganza or incorporated into your next potato dish. The bold flavours of GiNiT Dill will leave your friends and family in awe of your culinary abilities and you may have to fight them off for the last remaining portion of your gastronomical creation.

GiNiT Sage

GiNiT Sage is number five in our Spice Range. Sage has so many nutritional benefits and is full of vitamins and minerals and is also loaded with antioxidants. Sage forms part of the mint family and has a totally unique flavor that brings warmth and layers of complexity to dishes. Sage blends well when combined with other herbs and compliments a wide spectrum of foods, from meat and seafood to lemon and butters. GiNiT Sage begins its performance for your taste buds with savoury then sweet zesty citrus notes, underpinned by the deep juniper and coriander notes. The Sage then adds an earthy flavour with layers of further citrus and pine to the amazing warming finish synonymous with our Spice Range.

GiNiT Sage pairs so well with any Seafood, Poultry or Pork dish and also makes the most incredible butter sauce for your freshly made Pasta. Give your roasted vegetables a totally unique flavour profile with GiNiT Sage. The immense flavours of GiNiT Sage will astound your family and friends, let them marvel at the wonderous meal that you have so lovingly prepared for their delight.

GiNiT Tarragon

GiNiT Tarragon is number six in our extraordinary Spice Range. Tarragon is a leafy green herb with a distinctive herbal, liquorice or anise flavour. Tarragon pairs really well with fish or chicken and can not only transform your cream or butter sauces, but also makes the most incredibly flavourful vinaigrette dressings to drizzle over that fresh garden salad. GiNiT Tarragon tantalizes your taste buds with an initial savoury then sweet zesty citrus notes, underpinned by the deep juniper and coriander notes. The Tarragon then carries the freshness of the liquorice / anise profile to the fore, followed by the sublime warming finish synonymous with our Spice Range.

GiNiT Tarragon pairs so well when used to season that roast chicken or as rub for grilled fish. Use GiNiT Tarragon as a sprinkle over your poached eggs, sauteed asparagus or roast potatoes. The phenomenal flavours of GiNiT Tarragon will delight your family and friends’ taste buds and take them on an epicurean experience that they will keep reminiscing about for years to come.

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