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This might be a shocking concept, but it is a challenge we took on.

What is different about our take on “Waste as Food” – for this we look to the Gin Distilleries.

Enter GiNiT Spices, a world first brand that upcycles and transforms these amazing “waste” post distillation Gin botanicals.

After distillation of the botanicals that create the flavour profile of Gin, the distilleries usually discard the botanicals.  Whether these post distillation Gin botanicals are sent to the landfill or are composted, they naturally create carbon dioxide as they biodegrade, but what if there was another use for these botanicals?  Some innovative distilleries use the botanicals to make potpourri bags, and one that we know of creates a jam, but overall, harnessing the remaining food value, while weighing the health implications of the individual components, has remained elusive – until now.

At Patchwork Group (Pty) Ltd, we believe our brand, GiNiT Spices, has been able to capture the essence of Gin, while carefully selecting the ratio that is balanced in flavour – like any perfect serve should be –

We welcome you to join us on this gastronomical epicurean adventure, where you will explore this range of six handcrafted and unique culinary accompaniments, that are sure to blow you away.

The uniqueness of the GiNiT Spice Range is based on the Gin flavour profile and can now be enjoyed on your culinary masterpiece. Take your food to the next level!

Don’t know what spice to use? Try GiNiT!

Now you can have your Gin, and EAT it!

So what is GiNiT?

The variants in the GiNiT Spice Range utilize the post distillation botanicals and spices that are used in the production of some of the most iconic Artisanal Gins in South Africa. These post distillation botanicals and spices are filled with so much flavour, and if harnessed correctly, produce the most sublime flavours that can enhance any culinary dish. Each of the GiNiT variants contains an element of citrus, which we dehydrate ourselves, removing all zest and pith and just utilizing the flesh of the citrus, which provides an amazing citrus note that is carried through, as part of the flavour profile.

We utilize no MSG, flavour enhancers, gluten, colourants, fillers or anything of the like in the production of the GiNiT Spice Range. These spices are made from all natural ingredients. The GiNiT Spice Range is suitable for all Omnivores, Herbivores or Carnivores.

The GiNiT Spice Range is so absolutely versatile and is not meant as a spice only, but has been designed that is can be used as a rub, a seasoning, a finishing spice, popcorn or snack spice, in a dip or fresh salsa, as the spice used in a Salad dressing.

The sky is literally the limit with this amazing Spice Range, limited only by your imagination.

The concept was born out of a desire to utilize these amazing botanicals and spices, that are regarded as waste, and usually end up in compost heaps or landfills.

The concept, research, development and refinement of this Spice Range has been in the making for years and finally we are ready to extend this experience to you.

The GiNiT Brand is founded on environmental awareness and to tread as lightly as possible on this amazingly beautiful planet that has been entrusted to each and every one of us.

The Founders and Creators of this sublime Spice Range are located in the amazing coastal town of Still Bay in the Western Cape, where GiNiT is lovingly produced and brought to life.

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